Here is a storyline I wrote:

Hearing that the destruction of LEGO Universe was coming near, four explorers
decided to save the universe. All the attempts failed and they were hopeless.
Until (#1 explorer name) got an idea and decided to explore the rest of the universe.In a far away world called (world name) the four explorers found the legendary pieces of dimensions. Making them able to travel
to dimensions, they open a portal to another place and the explorers tell every single
minifigure to cross it. The Faction Leaders crossed the portal with the
imagination too.But the Maelstrom has crossed the portal and start creating chaos.The battle for the dimension and the imagination has begun...

Goggles99's LU2 Story: ....Its 40 years after the events of the first game, Paradox was unable to contain the sheer power of Maelstrom, the Maelstrom was released and then went about corupting, smashing, wreaking havoc on the land filling the people with fear. The Nexus Force was defeated and its leaders were last seen taking a last stand against the Darkitect himself on a distant mountain. But lets move to the present day, where we find a young farmer, from a small, relatively untouched part of the land. But that soon changes...dark Maelstrom forces are moving in on his small farm and he is forced to leave his home and run for his life, into the forest. As he fights his way through the forest, battling Maelstrom Wolves and Stromling Bandits, he comes across an empty cave, up high on a mountain-side....he enters....and in it he finds huge, strange carvings of great battles and ancient builders and heroes. And at the end of the cave, there is a small opening in the roof....and the light shines down to reveal a sword....a strange sword, as it is neither a Katana nor a Scimitar nor a Pirate sword, and on the hilt it has an emblem of a robot dog's head. And behind this sword in the wall of the cave, the farmer (still working on his name) finds a message, chiseled out in the rock. It reads: "Dear Minifig. Welcome the the cave of heroes. The Maelstrom has broken through our defenses and is, as we write this, engaged in battle with our forces. It is now clear that the Nexus Force has been defeated....but Imagination is NEVER defeated...therefore we have built this cave and transfered the power of all our weapons into this sword, in the hope that someone, someday, will find it, and will be able to attack the Darkitect and his forces when he least expects it! He thinks we are defeated! We are not! We are merely retreating to plan a are our counter attack! Take up the sword good minifig! Take up our cause! Recruit an army of the bravest minifigs you can find! Strike back! Strike hard! Strike for Imagination! Its up to you now, the power of this weapon is sure you use it for not let it control you. Now we must return to battle. May Imagination and good fortune be with you, Minifig. Signed-Dk.E Dr.O Cpt.H & VD". The farmer was astounded, these were the great leaders that his parents told him tales about! And he has come across their secret cave! He picked up the sword, and was filled with Imagination as he gazed up at the carvings in the rock, and it was then he realized that the only thing he wanted to do now was to recruit and lead a new NeoNexu Force and battle the Maelstrom once more!.......It is 3 years later....the farmer (now the leader of the NeoNexu) now lives in a hut beside the the fields surrounding the cave he has built a massive battle training area for himself and his new recruits, including training dummys, targets and obstacle courses....he is waiting for you are a new recruit...and this is where your game begins...

I Release This Work Under The Understanding That You Will Not Edit, Move Or Copy It In Any Way Without Asking Goggles99 First (Unless You Run This Website). So Please Don't. -Goggles99

Well there's my story, what do you think? Let me know if you like it or if I should make a new one or whatever.

Oh and by the way, I also planned on having players meet up with Duke Exeter and the others (they will be old) later on in the game, except they will appear at first to just be random old people, until you find out who they are, and they help you.

Goggles99 03:39, March 24, 2012 (UTC)