Abendey's Graveyard. The spookiest place in the galaxy. Filled with the ghosts of dead minifigs that have become evil, only the toughest minifigs should dare to venture here.


Huey Goncal: Gives players a mission to find General Purch.

Maelstrom Spirit Lord
"i used to work in the graveyard until it got abandoned.Now im back."-huey goncal

General Purch:He starts and ends the main mission chain. Then gives out daily missions involving the smashing of dark Ghosts and purifying evil Spirits,

"Show no mercy and smash those spirits!"-general purch

Nexa Podo:she went missing on a search mission.General purch has you find her"for her gold armor"as general purch says.

"help me!over here!"-nexa podo

Sca R Dee:this fraidy minifig is not brave enough to go on the battlefield,so he has you get him some bravery potions from goshi ahill.

" g-g-ghosts!"-sca r dee

Spy wright: This spy once found himself in the graveyard steeple and has never come out since.he is also a vendor.

"I went through a zombie apocolypse.I'v fought enough undead for my life"



Blackest spirit lord Spirit Lord (In first picture)

Dark Ghost (in sixth picture)

Evil Spirit (in third picture)


Blackest Spirit Lord:

This Blackest Spirit is the final Boss in the Graveyard, simaler to Frakjaw in Ninjago. Once all of his minions have been defeated, he extends to full size and attacks the player.

01abendey's graveyard clip 02

01abendey's graveyard clip 02

  • inside the steeple
  • Sca R Dee
  • Goshi ahill
  • Darkest spirit lord statue.
  • Spy Wright
  • the gate
  • huey goncal
  • Darkest spirit lord battle
  • Abendeys graveyard
  • General purch
  • Purifiing a spirit
  • Huey goncal by the gate
  • Nexa podo
Abendey's Graveyard Theme Track

Abendey's Graveyard Theme Track