The page for the Snow World, Blizzard Peak. (Name by byebob4959). The name doesn't have to stay, I just used it because it sounded cool.

Blizzard Peak



mission givers:


Goggles99's Ideas:

Different Snowboarding tournaments. Like halfpipe, big air, and jibbing. And some Snowball fights. And the ability to explore the mountains and find Yetis.

Story for the world? Well how about some sort of story where you look for Yetis... Yeah.... Yetis.... And you have to join a Pro snowboarder team by doing snowboarding missions they give you.... And snowball fights.... Lots of snowball fights.... And snowmobile races! Maybe there can be a snowman pet that you can tame too? Feel free to add your own ideas! :D


snowboarding team

Goggles99 Snowboarding

Me (Goggles99) Snowboarding!


Nando248's Snow Wolf Pet


Stromling snowboarder

Lordlegovaders Blizzard Peaks Npc


(Left to right) Snow Grunt, Snow Monsterling, Snow Monster, Yeti. In front, Snow boss with axes. (please tell me which ax you like best)

Blizzard peak npc

blizzard peak npc