• Stygianelectro


    December 6, 2012 by Stygianelectro

    How do I make pictures like this

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  • Wuuy

    Can I join?

    September 15, 2012 by Wuuy

    Hey I am Wuuy... I really want to help the in-game stuff like moderator. It would be cool to help out with that. Can I do that? Or to join do i need to make pic?

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  • Falcon H

    my username is Falcon H. I would reallly like to join project BUILD. I saw on the website, "busycityguy" made that you need a good concept artist. I tried to join, but never got a reply. I can draw in 3D and I have taught myself to draw minifigures. I have been doing the master builder academy so I am good at building. Maybe I could help with some of the models in your game. Does anyone know how I can join?

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  • Jamt2

    Nexus News 5

    July 28, 2012 by Jamt2

    Yes,i have finally returned.Enjoy the news!

    The page of the week is Bricklimpia

    Letter to Mr. Editor. :P

    Do you need a spelling/grammar checker for you? I do see a few things needing changing around the wiki.


    Sir Computer,

    Due to buget cuts we cannort answer that question

    Kind regards,

    Your Wiki moderation team

    • A new page of the week
    • A new Photo of the week
    • A new caption
    • New letters to the editor

    See you next time

    -the wiki manager.

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  • TheTurkeyBoy

    Brickarms items?

    June 20, 2012 by TheTurkeyBoy

    I have an idea: What if we contacted Brickarms and asked if we could use the stuff they make in the game? We would give them credit of course. Mainly the Sci-Fi Weaponry, though.

    For those of you who don't know what Brickarms is, click here:

    Sci-Fi weapons are here:

    I was thinking of specificaly using the Needle gun, Energy Pistol, Chainblade, Photon Pistol, and Retro Blaster found here:


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  • Rguy3


    June 14, 2012 by Rguy3

    I had no idea how much more-than-epic content would hae been added to LEGO Universe. Epecially the kingdoms world. To everyone, I declare that I'm going to put extra time to contribute to this wiki. Just because of the epic proportioned things that never made it to LU. Thanks for reading!!!


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  • Jamt2

    I'm back!

    June 10, 2012 by Jamt2

    i am sorry for my recent inactivity.I was grounded for a few days and busy on a stopmotion yesterday.

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  • Goggles99

    Hello out there?

    June 8, 2012 by Goggles99

    I dont know how many, if any of you, are still here, but for those of you who are, Hello!

    So it seems this wiki is dying, right? Perhaps. I remember when this wiki first started. Back in its early days, Ben was a great help. But then he left to go to PB. Then, later on, there was Brickenneer. But now he has also gone :(. And me? I have been busy with PB.

    The golden days of this wiki was when we were getting new members every week, 15+ new posts a day and heaps of new blog posts and updates. And I doubt if there is even anyone here to read this.

    But not lose heart. We can be proud of what we have done. I look around this wiki, and I see great ideas. And I mean really great. Why are they great? Because they are simple, origin…

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  • Brickenneer


    May 28, 2012 by Brickenneer

    Dear everyone:

    It brings me great regret to inform all of you that I have to depart. I have realized that my participation in this is affecting my scholastic achievements, and thus I can't stay here any longer. I am sorry to the Sentai Comet team that I'm hanging, if Goggles99 wishes to take leadership of that he is welcome to.

    Farewell, and nothing but the best,


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  • Roseann Shadowflame

    Seven edits to be on chat? THAT IS THE WORST RULE I'VE EVER SEEN.... Listen, not to be rude, but that isn't a good rule. Besides, you all say that you don't rely on LDD, and that you think we'll fail? You have absolutely NO CODING WHATSOEVER, and we have a login screen already. Is that really giving you the upperhand? Read the Nexus Force Daily, for goodness sake! x

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  • Jamt2

    Nexus News 4

    May 20, 2012 by Jamt2

    Welcome back,and enjoy the news!

    This week's page ov the week is Wild West World. Vote for next week's!

    Post the caption in the comments.

    Dear editor,

    Why dont people send there questions in letters to the editor?


    the editor

    Dear me,

    I do not know.

    The deadline for the dream property contest has been set back to may 25th.You can find the info Here.

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    • Enter a letter to the editor.
    See you next time!
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  • TheTurkeyBoy


    May 20, 2012 by TheTurkeyBoy

    Well, I have an idea for a Techno-world. It would be a lot like what is in the movie Tron. Basically, It would be in a computer. The NPC's would be an Anti-virus system battle Maelstrom that had gotten inside the computer. Let me know what you think!


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    Greetings, I am CAPTAINZACH of LNA. That is a Speech I posted there, and I think you should hear it.

    I have noticed trouble forming in our ranks. I was going to give a speech about togetherness and to be careful, but then a couple of guys from another project came and told me that their friend had been called a turd by one of our guys. JS and I went to this link: But if it has been removed, here it is:


    jamt2 removed this thread because:


    21:13, May 16, 2012

    Restore Thread


    A message for all you guys in the Nexus Project...

    Atom Overbuild/Atom Cahill AtomicScientist

    First off, Brickneer: -Kicks you upside, knocking you out for the rest of the message- Thats for mocking LNA…

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  • Jamt2

    The contest:

    This month's contest is to build your dream property out of your own lego collection or LDD.The winner wil be featured on the front page and have LiveEditor (chatmod) status for a month!

    The details:

    Enter your property in this blog's comments.all entries must be recived by june 5th, 2012!After that will be the voting in here.the deadline for voting will be june 10,2012!

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  • Goggles99

    Hey everyone! How are you all? I haven't made a blog post in quite a while, so I thought I might make an update.
    Well first lets clean up some mess. Some of you may have noticed a message sent to me from AtomicScientist, and that he "fired" me and also insulted my friend. Well as for "firing" me: I never asked to be a part of his project - LNA (Lego Nexus Adventures) - I actually got an offer from one of its members for me to join it. So I accepted and was enlisted into the ranks of LNA. Keep in mind that this was quite a while ago, and I did not know much about any of the projects back then. All I knew was that there was multiple projects for making a new fan-made Lego Universe, and that I wanted to help out any of them as much as I could.…

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  • Jamt2

    Nexus News 3

    May 12, 2012 by Jamt2

    Welcome back everybody,and enjoy the news!

    THe page of the week is Pirate world.Vote for next weeks!

    Enter a caption for this Photo!

    Dear Editor:

    Why do you think it is that Brickenneer can't tell the difference between contributing to something and changing something? What are your thoughts on this?

    And how hard do you think it would be to ride a pink flying dolphin?

    [The questions listed above are neither to be taken seriousy or heeded.]

    - Goggles99 Le Arménien vendeur de Mangue

    Dear Goggles99,

    I have considered,and I have answered both of your questions.

    1.I believe he learned his lesson a while back.if only he put his abendeys graveyard ideas in a place labeled briceneer's ideas,i would not have blocked it.

    2.It is not possible! :P

    Dear Editor:


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  • Jamt2

    Nexus video.

    May 11, 2012 by Jamt2

    This is a trailer i worked on.enjoy!

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  • Jamt2

    Nexus news 2

    May 1, 2012 by Jamt2

    Welcom back everybody!And enjoy the new news!

    This weeks page of the week is Castle World! vote for next week's!

    Enter a caption for this Photo!

    Dear editor,

    Hi me!



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    See you next time!

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  • Brickenneer

    Blog One.

    May 1, 2012 by Brickenneer

    I'm not really sure what to say here, other than the entire project is running great. The current votes in the Portal are eighteen for MisterGryphon, the same for me, and nine for Master Samurai. I'm hoping I win, not because of personal pride, but because Gryphon's is so good it'll probably show up ingame wether it wins or not. Other than that, I have abandoned Isla Peridida. I have started a new page in it's place - Pirate World. Which is basically like Castle World, only with pirates. And that about wraps it up.

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  • Empolean

    Empoleans Stuff

    May 1, 2012 by Empolean

    Ok, after thinking and consederation, I'm going to be being with making modules on LDD for the project. I will be doing at least one at a time, probably more, and if you need one for a specific part of the project I can do it for you. I have already made two models but I'm aiming to make at least one a day, probably more. Thanks for being so welcoming! -Emp

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  • TheTurkeyBoy

    Items and gear

    April 30, 2012 by TheTurkeyBoy

    I figured that a place for people to post Gear and Item Ideas would good. POST PIC OF 'EM HERE!

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  • TheTurkeyBoy

    Hello, me again. I was wondering, pre-opening contributors and founders get special items/ abilitys? I know in the original game, Mythrans had special powers. And if yes, what kind of items would there be?

    Just wondering,


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  • MisterGryphon


    April 29, 2012 by MisterGryphon

    I'm new to this wiki and I'm going to help with TNPW, so hi!

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  • Jamt2

    Nexus News 1

    April 22, 2012 by Jamt2

    Hi there! Every week I will make a new newsletter like will include lots of things.This weeks is basically a tutourial,

    Our Team Members is the page of the week this week.Vote in the comments for next week's page of the week!

    Every week there will be a picture you can enter a caption for in the comments.Also each week there will be the caption winner from the previous is this week's:

    By comments,you can send letters to i will answer them.

    • Find out the new page of the week
    • Find out the new pic of the week
    • Find out the winning caption
    • Enter a new caption

    Have your letters answered


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  • Lordlegovader

    hi if you want to ask me any questions come here and ask them


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  • Nando248

    Brickeneer and I were chating in the LU wiki chat. Then he mention if we could merged My floating rocks world and Isla Perdida. So what do you guys think?

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  • TheTurkeyBoy

    Property Idea

    April 11, 2012 by TheTurkeyBoy

    I have an idea for Propertys... You are in a city, with many vacant lots. For a set amount of Currency, you can own one property, and you build anything that you can fit within the limits of the lot. You could do several areas in various worlds dedecated to propertys. Or you add it down the road as a seperate world. Just a suggestion.

    'Blueprints' for grid
    1 2 3 4 5
    6 7 8 9 10
    11 12 13 14 15
    16 17 18 19 20
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  • Lost twilight energy
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  • TheTurkeyBoy

    Over Build's arms

    April 10, 2012 by TheTurkeyBoy

    OK, I have this concept for Dr. Overbuild's arms. What do y'all think? I'll post instuctions later if y'all haven't come up with something else yet.

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  • Goggles99

    Hey team! Benjamin asked me to make him some GUI images and a here they are.

    I am not very happy with how the "Life" image turned out. So if you need it changed, let me know.

    Oh and if your wondering what "VLASP" means? It stands for "Venture League, Assembly, Sentinel Paradox". And the letters and bricks are color-coded in that order.

    So what do you think?

    To Benjamin: I hope you are able to use them, and I hope you like them :D

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  • Cdmpants

    Project B.U.I.L.D.

    April 5, 2012 by Cdmpants

    Hello, everyone! This is my first visit to the Nexus Project wiki, and I will say, that you all have some very nice ideas. However, for now, your ideas are still technically "fan-fiction". Please, no one come up to me and say "Hollis! Come look at this page I wrote! I really want my ideas in the game!" because that will get you no where, and honestly, I lose respect for people who talk to me like that. When need be, I will look over these pages myself.

    That was just a reminder, I haven't seen or heard any of that :)

    I'd also prefer if you keep in mind that this wiki is not relevant to Project B.U.I.L.D. For news, forums, downloads, and a "Join" form, visit

    I'll check back here every few days, it's sometimes fun to …

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  • WS9167


    April 4, 2012 by WS9167


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  • Jamt2

    A Valliant Idea

    April 3, 2012 by Jamt2

    this is where i will put my concept builds of gear and abilities for rank 4 faction gear,or valliant faction gear.

    i wi try to update this and add more gear frequlently.



    far left: magnet from controller

    left:turret from helmet

    middle:full faction gear

    right:builder robot from shirt

    far right:defence turret from shoulderpads

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  • Goggles99

    Please Read This!

    April 2, 2012 by Goggles99

    Guys, I know this is probably going to make you all mad, and I'm probably going to sound mean, and I know you are all very enthusiastic...but if we continue this project like this....then IT WILL DIE. No ifs, no buts, no ors.

    These pages are just littered and crowded. 1: They are littered with random pictures of people playing LU. What use are they??? In the future, if we need pictures of LU, then we can go the Legouniversewiki, but why must we clog up this wiki with so many pics like that?

    2: They are littered with kids ideas of what they want LU 2 to look like. I have no problem with anyones age, and I like people giving ideas. But when kids who just want to tell the whole world 'I WANT THE GAME TO LOOK LIKE THIS' and "I WANT TO HAVE THIS …

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  • MasterSamurai

    I am making an intergalactic base on lego digital designer!

    Any ideas?

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  • Goggles99

    A New Direction

    March 30, 2012 by Goggles99

    Ok guys Im starting to realize a few things, like where we are wasting our time, and where we need to spend more time. Ok first of all let me show you this message from the leader of Project Build, cdmpants (Aka. Hollis):

    "Sorry, but no one may join as a writer. If you would like to be a moderator, please wait until much, much later to ask.
    What do we need right now? Programmers, and... that's pretty much it. Perhaps animators, but right now I'm doing all the animating that we need. If there were more things we needed done, I would be very happy to let you and many other people join. But unfortunately, all we really need right now is programmers.
    Of course, there ARE other things we need, but right now we don't need any more people to make t…

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  • Jamt2

    Faction gear idea

    March 21, 2012 by Jamt2

    For the game,you have to join a faction.there will be two versions of gear:

    1.regular faction gear:normal cost normal attack.only allowed for that faction

    2.used faction gear:cheaper cost and lower attacks.can be used by anyone,no matter what faction you are.

    like it?

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  • Goggles99

    Hello! Im back. Just a quick update and request for ideas.

    Im making a game with a Lego cannon that shoots different colored Lego bricks into the sky at enemies. And i thought maybe we could use it as the promotional minigame for LU that the guy on the Message Boards (i forget his name) was talking about. What do you think? Oh and I need ideas for it: What should the enemies be? Should they fly? What should they look like? Who/what controls the cannon? Maybe come up with a story for why he has a rainbow cannon in the first place. What other things could you be able to do in it?

    I will upload pics of the game soon, hopefully.

    Oh and have we joined with Project Build? Is Mysterygoo on the wiki?

    P.S. There will be unicorns in the game!!!......jus…

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  • Benjamin6817


    March 8, 2012 by Benjamin6817

    Welcome to my blog, and talk here whenever.

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  • Nando248

    Joining Project BUILD?

    March 1, 2012 by Nando248

    I recently hear Redboy about joining project BUILD. In my opinion we should stay here. for those who have not seen his ost about joining Project BUILD.

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  • Goggles99


    Update: Not a lot has changed since my last blog post but i have been working on my minifigs head and i also made him a baseball cap, just for fun. Pic is at the bottom of the page.

    Request for pics: If anyone has any concept art for worlds, items, gear NPCs etc, please dont hesitate to post them on this wiki. If you just post ideas, i cant really work with that, BUT drawings, if they are digital drawings or real drawings is doesn't matter, it would all would help a lot :D

    Project BUILD: Ok so Redboy31 has been talking about project Build on the message boards and a lot of people dont seem to know about it. As far as i know, this is their main site . I think MysteryGoo is the leader. Oh, and I STILL dont …

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  • Goggles99

    Where I'm At

    February 24, 2012 by Goggles99

    Well, I guess I'll just go ahead and give an update on my progress.

    1: In blender, I am making a basic minifig (sort of like Bob from the game) that I can edit, retexture and add items to, to make different characters/npc's. I have finished his head and am working on torso.

    2: I am making items, like weapons, clothes, hats, skateboards and jetpacks etc. If you have any ideas for how you would like those sort of things to look, go ahead and let me know!

    Please note: I know there are multiple projects for making a fan-made Lego Universe game. But from what i have seen, those projects are mostly about just stories and ideas (so-far anyway), And I am not really good with story ideas :P . So I will just use this blog to post some of my stuff here,…

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  • CheesyMultiBiscuit

    What is the Nexus Project and how does it relate to LU closing?

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  • Jamt2

    attention: transformation

    January 15, 2012 by Jamt2

    this site is used as a transfer for the lego mb topic:why dont we make our own lu?

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