This is where you can give ideas and post pictures/concept art for the Castle world.

The Story: You come into an introductory world which is all happy and you see the leader of the kingdom and his son the prince and a happy universe. Once you take off, you go through an animation of the universe then you start to see the maelstrom takeover and the leader of the kingdom killed in battle with the maelstrom boss but the prince survives and goes into exile while the maelstrom boss is the leader of the kingdom.
When you land you are in the hub a planet of resistance to the force with the last remains of the imagination and go on a quest to find the prince, the rightful leader of the nexus force.
To play the game you could find clues to where the prince lives from npcs of the resistance all around the worlds, and pvp can be based upon who is better battler, etc. This story line can have updates like the resistance can find a new world and can involve other LEGO themes and much more and the resistance can take over more planets or vice versa.

-Original story from lordlegovader

Goggles99's Ideas:

I had this idea that there could be 4 types of Mobs in this world. Let me know what you think.

1: The Kingdom Knights. They help you out and attack The Evil Knights.

2: The Evil Knights: They attack The Kingdom Knights and you.

3: Maelstrom Forces. They cut a deal with the Evil Knights and now only attack you and The Kingdom Knights.

4: Bandits: They live in the forests and attack anyone.
  • Kingdom_Knight_1
  • Kingdom_Knight_1_side
  • Kingdom_Knight_2
  • Kingdom_Knight_2_side
  • Evil_Knight_1
  • Evil_Knight_1_side
  • Evil_Knight_2
  • Evil_Knight_2_side
  • Bandit_1
  • Bandit_1_side
  • Bandit_2
  • Bandit_2_side
  • Knights Main gate( more left)
  • Elite good knight side
  • Elite good knight front
  • maelstrom knight 1
  • maelstrom knight 1 side
  • maelstrom knight 2
  • maelstrom knight 2 side
  • Castle gate rough draft #1
  • Two Princes and a King

The Kingdom and Evil Knights have their own castles and the Maelstrom forces camp outside of the Evil Knights castle. The Kingdom Knights are blue and silver, The Evil Knights are red and black, the Maelstroms forces are mostly Stromlings and the Bandits look like Robin Hoods merry men, only more dirty and scruffier.

Jamt2's ideas

There can be missions where you turn invisible an secretly let the bandits do your attacking for you.

MisterGryphon's ideas:

1: Is it this kind of castle or this kind of castle? Just making two possible choices.

More coming soon.

Brickenneer's Ideas,

I think Goggles has something. Maybe we could do with this world what LEGO did with Ninjago - take an existing storyline, and modify to fit our concept. Goggles's idea is very much like the storyline of Clutch Powers - maybe we could take that story, rewrite it, and sort of have the player take the role of Clutch and the rest of the team. I also think we should take Goggles's list of NPC types, and re-write it with existing themes, I provide the new list:

1: The Kingdom Knights(Knights Kingdom II and Fantasy Era). They help you out and attack the Evil Knights.

2: The Evil Knights(Vladak and his Shadow Knights): They attack the Kingdom Knights and you.

3: Maelstrom Forces. They cut a deal with Vladek and now only attack you and The Kingdom Knights.

4: Bandits(Forestment): They live in the forests and attack anyone.

This idea would also give Castle World an official name - Ashlar.

New Ideas(Brickenneer):

While looking at the below picture, I was thinking - what if once you finished the main castle world you received access to an entire new one? Possible ideas I was having included an entire underground cavern system with knight inhabitants that have no idea of the knights above them...Hmm...what if their shields bore a unique could be entirly separate from the main castle world...and what if the inhabitants above them thought that they were something else...Hmm...the Ice World..Hmm...I'll update this later with a new shield pic...It'll more than likely get thrown out but ideas are what make the world go round...or at least they make arguments with Hollis go round :P..Hm....Okay, this idea I have is crazy, but still...Hmmm..

Castle World Undergroung Concept 1

Underground Knights City

Goggles99's Reply:

Wow thanks for the support Brickenneer. But I have to say, I have no idea who clutch powers is. And I dont know what fantasy era is either. But I can say I definately know about Vladek and the shadow knights! And yes the bandits were based on the old forestmen from the early sets back it the 1980's or something. And I also dont get what you mean by modifying the story. I didn't modify any story :P . Its just the cliche good vs bad with a few nuetral. Just like star wars was. Darth Vader = Bad, Luke Skywalker = Good, Han Solo = Nuetral.

Nando248's idea:

This my idea for this world
  • decorating mount
  • riding horse
  1. Mounts-mounts will be a great addition (horses, sheeps, etc)
  2. Crafting -will be great be able to create your own weapons
  3. PvP- That will cool maybe a capture the flag like LEGO Battles or somenthing like that.
  4. Click here for more ideas.
  5. Mounts decoration- this will be something like car or rocket(entering the blue circle to change them)

Empolean's Ideas:

The Turkey Boy's Ideas:


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