Nando248's idea

Forging is crafting new weapons. It means to take certain weapons from vendors, or random drops, around the universe, and take them to a forging vendor to craft them into higher-level weapons.

There are two slots the player needs to drag items into, they would need a preview of the final product and then an animation would occur after hitting “buy” which displays the two items coming together.

Got any ideas too put them here

TheTurkeyBoy's Idea

We could also allow build custom weapons from bricks, with weopon catagories such as "Sword", "Smashing", and "Ranged".

Rguy3's Idea

Merging faction gear with gear found elsewhere can make a faction-exclusive weapon unavalible from vendors. Other items (consumables, armor, ect.) can be forged/crafted too. Here's a new idea of mine:

  • Weapons are forged
  • Armor and consumables are crafted
  • Items exclusivley for crafting/forging can be used(e.g. scrap metal, everlasting powder[to make consumables be reuseable], ect.)
  • Weapons/armor can be adapted for specific types of enemies, for example, a knights sword can be adapted for ninjago skeletons, a spear can be encoded to use against Viruses and Hostile programs(see my techno world ideas)

Also, with what Brickenneer just posted, it gave me the idea for these:

Imaginite crystal: Boosts a craftable item's attribute of choice by 1​

Stable Imaginite: Balances and sometimes boosts your weapon/armor. like this:

  • Sword: 1x2x3 and +1 IM(imagination) + Stable Imaginite = Sword: 2x2x2 and +1 IM and +1 AR(armor), and
  • Chestplate: +2 AR and +1 IM + Stable Imaginite = Chestplate: +2 AR and +2 IM

You get the idea.

Unstable Imaginite: Boosts a random item attribute by 2.

That's it for now!

Brickenneer's Ideas:

I was flipping through the LU wiki and stumbled onto this post:

It's somewhat long, but I like his idea of using crystals to give weapons either better attack combos, armor for the player, etc.

Nando248's replay to Brickenneer

That's actually a great idea Brick, if we combine it with TurkeyBoy idea it will be better.