Hello, okay we need to get things done I have made a logo and set-up this import script that allows me to import .dat files from ldraw's part directory

ToDo for modellers:

  1. Get LDraw and LDCad(optional)
  2. Download the blender import script
  3. If on Windows 7 go to C:/Users/(Your user name)/AppData/Roaming/Blender Foundation/Blender/.blender/scripts and move the lego.dat and all *.py files
  4. Open blender
  5. goto File > Import > Lego Data then select the part (.dat) file from the ldraw path and click Lego Data import


This does not always work sometimes it can't import the part and it will give you a error saying that "file" is refrenced to before assignment, it says that because the script tries to import it and assign the file to what you chose but if it couldn't it wouldn't assign it to file.

ToDo for creative directors:

  1. Talk about the game and the main idea.
  2. Write the story-line and disscuss how it will relate to the real LU.
  3. The rest is just planning.


After the creative directors are done planning and the modelers are done creating characters I will create a new page.

ToDo for everyone:

  1. Download Unity3D, blender, python, Microsoft Visual C# Express Edition(register it by creating an account), Photo-shop (if you can't buy it use the trial version), LDraw, and IcoFX (for the icon)
  2. Download the template for our project here (I created it)