Sorry about All the editing but i need to get this just right

If You Want to upload ldds in ldd format please go to the rapidshare that i created to upload ldds

The username is for this account NexusProjectWiki

and come to me for the password just to make sure that we only use this account

I also made a gmail for the nexusprojectwiki Username/email:

The Passwords The same so come and see me for that If You dont want to use this account you dont have to just

Update on the rapidshare account i have uploaded some of Daler99's work onto the the account Also I have added some work by LegoBuilder2448 on there as well


Post Away

Photos Of LDDS

Castles ThemedEdit

Space themedEdit

General Evroiment ObjectsEdit


Pirate/adventure themedEdit


Feel Free to add own caterogry

Any thing else