Hi team! Its me Goggles99! You know what would be cool???
  • Snow Wolf
  • Squirrel
  • Squirrel_side
  • space bot pet
  • space bot pet_side
  • space bot pet_back
  • Blacktron Robo-Dog
  • Robo-dog Sideview
  • Robo-Dog Front View
  • (top to bottom) Maelstrom snake, Venture League, Paradox, Assembly, Sentinial
  • Front of Snake pets
  • Top of Snake Pets
  • Wolf's head
  • Wolf"s body

Having a big collection of pets for LU 2 is what!! So how do we do it I hear you ask? 1:(optional) Make some concept art or a picture of an animal you think would be cool, then upload the concept to the Wiki. 2: Make it in Lego Digital Designer and upload a pic here, and upload the file to the Creation Lab!

Oh, by the way, here is a list of animals that were in the origional LU, so you know what the pets need to look like, and you also know not to use any of those animals (unless you want to)...


Snow Wolf - Nando248

Squirrel - Goggles99

space bot - Jamt2

Blactron Robo-Dog - Brickenneer (lfx. file)