• Brickenneer - Pirate Hockey PvP

This is a page for concepts for the Project B.U.I.L.D Pirate World. Feel free to post any ideas, no matter how crazy or unusual they sound.

Brickenneer's Ideas:


Pirate Hockey: Two teams, of random minifigs, fighting to nail the puck in the opposing team's net. With fast action, tough opponents, and goalie monkeys wielding hockey sticks like they were [[1]] , what's not to like?

Lordlegovaders idea


A racing game, but with 2 people on a pirate boat trying to beat the other people in the other boat.

TheTurkeyBoy's ideas

Enemies: I have designed several. (see the slideshow) I am still working on names.
  • He is big.
  • It is a robot
  • MaelstromAdmiralLikeThing

I am thinking for the big one calling him "Grand Admiral Smash"

For the robot calling him "Captain Gl!tch"

And then the last one is just a Maelstrom Admiral.