Hello! This world is a merge between Isla Perdida and Floating Rocks World. - Goggles99 12:39, April 26, 2012 (UTC)

Goggles99's request:

1: Name: We need some ideas for a name for the world. So if you have any ideas, post them in the comments area. Or, if you like the currant one, you can just say so. When I get a good list of names, I might make a poll. (Jamt2, if the poll extension is not enabled could you please enable it?)

2: Concept art: Why not? Go ahead and post your artwork! :) Just try and stick to our ideas for the world. Nothing too crazy.

3: LDD models: Very important! We need some of them! Once again, please stick to the guidelines.

4: General ideas/Suggestions: Its always nice to hear some decent suggestions :)

Rules 1: If you would like to add something to this page, please make sure that we know who posted it. Make a section, and keep it neat if you can please :). 2: Dont change sections that people post or write.

World Information:

The world is make up of floating islands. Floating in the air actually. There is no water here. There are just lots of floating chunks of dirt. Some are huge and some are smallish. The system of travel between these worlds is usually by trains that run on imagination powered light-bridges. But there are also all sorts of flying ships too. No spaceships though. Its not a space world.


There is a gang of raiders that sail the void between the islands. They sail all types of pirate ships, marked with a variation of the jolly roger flag.

The civillians/residents are mostly normal people, but they are very professional builders, skilled in the art of powered flight. They fly around on many different types of large, imagination powered kites, gliders and ultralites.

The Imagi-Train. (please go ahead and give me a name idea :P)

This is just a thing I came up with. Its pretty rough. But hopefully you get the general idea :] .

The first pic is of the train travelling to an island by light bridge. The second is of the bumper that generates the light bridge and slows the train down to a stop, before it arrives. It runs on pure imagination. There is also a crew of engineers and builders that look after these Bumpers and Imagi-Trains. You can make some concept art of what you think the crew might look like, if you want. The third and fourth pictures are a LEGO version of the Bumper, in different positions.


The Train. (its not made of LEGO)

Bumper2 2

The Bumper generating a light bridge.

LDD Bumper1

Bumper (made in LDD)

LDD Bumper2

Bumper, position 2 (made in LDD)

The Look:

Here are some pictures I found from Google, the wikia of some random book called edge and Tresure Planet. They are just to show you the look we were thinking of, if you wanted to make any LDD models or concept art.

  • The Sky Raiders ship should look like this.
  • The Sky ships should look like this.
  • Sky Ship
  • Imagine this ship with imagination jets at the back of it.
  • Ignore the Blimp at the top of it and imagine it had sails and imagination jets instead.
  • A Sky Ship might look like this.
  • The citizen's Gliders should look a bit like this
  • A Floating Island might look a bit like this.
  • A rowboat that the Raiders could use might look a little like this


Thats all Ive got for now. Please add your own ideas/pictures. P.S. Please dont post any character names or achievement ideas...we dont need any of them yet :) Goggles99 12:39, April 26, 2012 (UTC)

Brickenneer's ideas:

I like what Goggles has, but my concept of the two was very different. I was picturing it still having the name Isla Perdida, and that Nando's floating rocks were floating above it. (See picture for details)
Alternate take on the merge

This is more what I was picturing.

I also was having it be sort of a Mos Eisley cantina like locality, with all the pirate and explorer scumbags of the galaxy taking a week or two off at a private haunt.
Proggress on modding of 70's model

Progress on 70's modding

Rguy3's ideas:

There should be large floating rocks, which are generally connected by the Imagi-train, and litlle ones which are generally accesed by jumping/bounce pads. The large ones could contain multiple things, including an imagi-train station. smaller ones would contain just a bounce pad, mini boss, enemies, and/or a vendor. I also like Brickenneer's idea,: All the pirate and explorer scumbags of the galaxy taking a week or two off at a private haunt. A keeper in my opinion, Brick! That's all for now from me.