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Years ago, on a tiny comet floating deep within the Nexus System, great battles took place upon a tall mountain. Minifigures were forced to battle their own creations. Powerful mining robots who had turned themselves into beings of terror. But the robots were defeated, and caste into the gorge. They have returned now, resurrected by a mysterious purple energy, with new strength to crush their makers.

List of possible NPCs:Edit

Maddox Thunderdume: Undetermined role, probably daily mission giver.

Lola Runn: Undermined role, may serve as a mechanic for mechs.

List of possible Enemies:Edit

Robot Devastator: Basic mining robot corrupted by the Maelstrom

Robot Buzz Droid: Robot Devastator with jet pack. In debate whether it will be finished due to problems with creating a feasibly built pack.