Let's Get OrganizingEdit

  1. Hello, benjamin6817 here and i wanted to start organizing things, first i would like to introduce myself, I am benjamin6817 one of the programmers and level designers for TNP (The Nexus Project) and I just joined this wiki today

I have a list of things we need to get done

  1. Get


    Redboy31 here now he is the leader of this project so we can't start development without him
  2. Create a storyline
  3. Start planning development
  4. 3D modlers this is where you come in you must create character models
  5. Sound and Music editors / directors you must create sounds and music to be implemented in the game
  6. programmers will import the models into unity
  7. programmers will script the basic controls and create basic gameplay
  8. programmers will then apply the scripts for controls and apply them to the game
  9. anyone who want's to may test the gameplay and comment about
  10. programmers will finish gameplay development
  11. 3D modelers will create the enemies
  12. programmers will create AI (short for artificial intellegence or non-playable characters as some people call it) for the enemies and then will be applied to the game
  13. level designers will create the main menu a few test levels and it is off for it's pre-alpha realease

this only covers up to pre-alpha once this everything on this list has been completed it will the rest will be covered