TheTurkeyBoy came up with a techno world idea recently. Here it is.

TheTurkeyBoy's ideas

My idea is that in the Main computer for the good guys gets infected by Maelstrom. Basically, the player is imported into the computer to help the Anti-virus. I was thinking of having some exlusive items, but I am not sure what to do...

Benjamin6817's ideas

I like TheTurkeyBoy's idea. But I think the computer (since there is no maelstrom) should get infected with a virus from the Humans. The virus steals all the info on battle plans etc. In this world you should have to try and get rid of the virus, and send viruses to get info from the humans computer.

Rguy3's ideas

I agree with TheTurkeyBoy on a computer getting infected, but here is my story: The Nexus Force(or whatever the new hero group is) Uses a massive security system powered by a single computer. What happens when a virus infects it? Yep, the whole security system goes haywire. The player's goal is to go inside, find the scientist sent ahead, get the killcode from her (or him, I just think it should be a her), and fight off virus enemies with it. Normal weapons are ineffective against these viri, so you need to obtain the killcode (projectile weapon, effective against viri) before you can fight them. You can then Encode your own weapons in order to use them against these digital villains. Encoded weapons can't be de-coded, though. That's all for now. LDD pics and 3D designs coming soon.

BTW, I'm pretty sure the plural of virus is viri! Don't change it!

TheTurkeyBoy's Ideas: V2.0

I agree with Rguy on the finding a Killcode and Encoding weapons with it, BUT I think you should still be able to de-code them. Also, I have designed 'mounts' for this world. A widely used vehicle in bot Tron Movies: The Lightcycle! Now, granted I have redesigned it slightly, But here it is! Update: Pics moved to Techno World Gallery at link located at the bottom of this page

Jamt2's Ideas:

I think we should not have light cycles for one reason:Copyright.we have permission from lego,but do we have permission from disney to STEAL their ideas?No! so mabe we should do something an antiviralmobele!it is like a digital car that has a minor killcode installed!

Possible enemiesEdit

Rguy3's ideas: Speed virus: Moves at high speeds, Can be found in between data paths

Possibe NPCsEdit

None yet!


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