Ok guys Im starting to realize a few things, like where we are wasting our time, and where we need to spend more time. Ok first of all let me show you this message from the leader of Project Build, cdmpants (Aka. Hollis):

"Sorry, but no one may join as a writer. If you would like to be a moderator, please wait until much, much later to ask.
What do we need right now? Programmers, and... that's pretty much it. Perhaps animators, but right now I'm doing all the animating that we need. If there were more things we needed done, I would be very happy to let you and many other people join. But unfortunately, all we really need right now is programmers.
Of course, there ARE other things we need, but right now we don't need any more people to make them. For example, we will need someone to put together a user interface, which will be sent to a programmer who will make it functional, but we don't need to search the internet for someone who can make images for a UI, as finding someone who can do so isn't that difficult.
Signed, Professor Hollis Shuner"

Ok so its clear that we cant work on ANY STORY IDEAS at all. And that all they really need is programmers. So what i'm thinking is this: Any of us who cant program (like me :P) should just work on making: 1: some small models like pets, small buildings, or other small things like lamposts, postboxes etc. 2: Functional things like (as Hollis states) a user interface. Even though we (people who cant program) cant join Project Build, we can still stay on The Nexus Project Wiki and make things like this for their game, because after the programming is done, they are going to need all the models they can get (I would assume). I am also going to keep working on my music for the game, because as far as I know, they dont have any yet, and they are going to need stuff like that when its done.

So lets get to it people! Lets make some awesome stuff! Long live The Nexus Project Wiki!!!


LU 2

Goggles99 10:01, March 30, 2012 (UTC)

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