Guys, I know this is probably going to make you all mad, and I'm probably going to sound mean, and I know you are all very enthusiastic...but if we continue this project like this....then IT WILL DIE. No ifs, no buts, no ors.

These pages are just littered and crowded. 1: They are littered with random pictures of people playing LU. What use are they??? In the future, if we need pictures of LU, then we can go the Legouniversewiki, but why must we clog up this wiki with so many pics like that?

2: They are littered with kids ideas of what they want LU 2 to look like. I have no problem with anyones age, and I like people giving ideas. But when kids who just want to tell the whole world 'I WANT THE GAME TO LOOK LIKE THIS' and "I WANT TO HAVE THIS IN THE GAME" and "THE GAME WILL BE LIKE THIS" come here and start posting things like that, our job is made 100 times harder!!!

3: They are littered with unnecesary pages! We have too many useless pages! Why do people make a new page for something that they can post on another page!? And why do people make their own personal page for their own personal project, when they could add to an existing page? You know that the game makers make the game right? So then PLEASE make something that the game makers are asking for.

4: Useless Lego Digital Designer pictures! Now Ldd pictures can be very helpful to us, but when you post a picture a some small minifig with gear that you made, you are just using up this wiki space and should add things like that to a gallery on What does one minifig mean to us right now?? We cant do anything with that, at all. Yes in the future we could use pics like that, but not yet!!!!!

5: In the past 2 or 3 days there have been HEAPS of new posts and pages. I thought that would be a good thing, if most of them were useful...some of them are...but most would fit into the above numbered paragraphs.

Now ALL of these things that are happening now would be very helpful IN THE FUTURE! We are only starting this project! Do you remember the Creation Lab? Well they made the Creation Lab about 5 years after they had been working on the game! I like all your enthusiasm, but please wait about 5 years to use it...

Because I think I speak for most of the people who actually will work on this game, when I say WE CAN'T WORK IN THESE CONDITIONS!!! :( :( :( :(

And if you think I am being too mean and harsh, I am sorry. But if this site continues like this, then I might just ask Benjamin if he still wants to make a separate site for developers...if he would let me join after what I have said here.

Your all awesome, and i'm sorry I have to say all this.

- a sad and forgotton - Goggles99

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