Hello! Im back. Just a quick update and request for ideas.

Im making a game with a Lego cannon that shoots different colored Lego bricks into the sky at enemies. And i thought maybe we could use it as the promotional minigame for LU that the guy on the Message Boards (i forget his name) was talking about. What do you think? Oh and I need ideas for it: What should the enemies be? Should they fly? What should they look like? Who/what controls the cannon? Maybe come up with a story for why he has a rainbow cannon in the first place. What other things could you be able to do in it?

I will upload pics of the game soon, hopefully.

Oh and have we joined with Project Build? Is Mysterygoo on the wiki?

P.S. There will be unicorns in the game!!!......just kidding

P.P.S. It has struck me that there is not much concept art on the all. So dont hold back! If you have a secret hidden artistic talent then go for broke and make some concept art for our new LU! :D

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