Hey everyone! How are you all? I haven't made a blog post in quite a while, so I thought I might make an update.
Well first lets clean up some mess. Some of you may have noticed a message sent to me from AtomicScientist, and that he "fired" me and also insulted my friend. Well as for "firing" me: I never asked to be a part of his project - LNA (Lego Nexus Adventures) - I actually got an offer from one of its members for me to join it. So I accepted and was enlisted into the ranks of LNA. Keep in mind that this was quite a while ago, and I did not know much about any of the projects back then. All I knew was that there was multiple projects for making a new fan-made Lego Universe, and that I wanted to help out any of them as much as I could. I never really saw them as "competitive projects". And I didn't know that being part of two different projects was frowned upon. As it turns out, I joined the Project BUILD team because they had friendly and very talented members, and a goal that I agreed with. But it was never a secret that I was still technically on the LNA members list. Yes, I felt bad that I had not given LNA any help, but they never asked me for anything, and I just didn't have the time to check with them for what needed to be done. As for insulting my friend Brickenneer, I do not appreciate that at all. He is allowed to say if he thinks that a project is "doomed to failure" or not. In fact that is a pretty mild statement compared to what I have heard from many other people, about LNA's likelyhood of success. So put that in your pipe and smoke it, Atom! Besides, I don't see what harm he was doing. If you really want to show people that he is wrong, then I would prefer that you prove it by showing us some decent progress, rather than coming here and starting childish arguments.

Anyway. Now that thats over and done with. Lets get on to the interisting stuff! :D

Well, I must apologize to some of you for saying that I will take your LDD model and turn it into an animation. Because, you see, I intended to recreate those models by hand in Blender. I COULD have done that...but I realized that that would take a long long time, and I really needed a faster way. Well, good news! I have found a faster way! And it is so so simple and easy, it almost feels criminal! I tested it out with a few models (check out the picture) and it works perfectly! So I can now happily say that hopefully you guys (you know who you are) will see your models in an animation very soon! So I am super excited about that! :D

I have noticed that there are some new people here, so I would like to welcome all of you to TNPW! If you are a skilled programmer, LDD builder or digital/drawing artist, then we may well have need of you! Also I would reccommend to any of you who dont have a Wikia account to get one. It will make things much easier for you. Feel free to send me a message if any of you need help :)

Also, I would like to run an idea by some of the older members here: What do you think of a "Wild West" world? With Cowboys and Indians and all that cliche sort of stuff?


P.S. I was NOT offering to convert every single persons LDD models into a render, game file or an animation. This is not some sort of automatic machine that will convert every LDD pic of everything that you upload to this Wiki. Its a very specific process of me converting some predefined LDD models that people have made. So if you want your model as a game file, a render, or an animation, talk to me about it and I'll see what I can do :)

P.P.S. Oh! And a massive thanks from me to Hollis for teaching me how to convert the files!


Birds, a Squirrel and his Acorn -Made by Goggles99

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Better quality. -By Goggles99

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