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Nexus News issue 1 April 22

Hi there! Every week I will make a new newsletter like will include lots of things.This weeks is basically a tutourial,

Page of the week

Our Team Members is the page of the week this week.Vote in the comments for next week's page of the week!

Picture of the week

Crazy Yates

Crazy Yates

Creative caption

Every week there will be a picture you can enter a caption for in the comments.Also each week there will be the caption winner from the previous is this week's:

Prince Varen

Ask the editor

By comments,you can send letters to i will answer them.

Next time...

  • Find out the new page of the week
  • Find out the new pic of the week
  • Find out the winning caption
  • Enter a new caption

Have your letters answered

See you next time!


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