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THe page of the week is Pirate world.Vote for next weeks!

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Ace Warprider texture

Caption winner

The Yard 2012-04-28 (07.37.05-840 PM)

Caption:"Okay...that's just a leaf, and not a giant garden monster camouflaged like a leaf...right?"


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Letters to the editor.

Dear Editor:

Why do you think it is that Brickenneer can't tell the difference between contributing to something and changing something? What are your thoughts on this?

And how hard do you think it would be to ride a pink flying dolphin?

[The questions listed above are neither to be taken seriousy or heeded.]

- Goggles99 Le Arménien vendeur de Mangue

Dear Goggles99,

I have considered,and I have answered both of your questions.

1.I believe he learned his lesson a while back.if only he put his abendeys graveyard ideas in a place labeled briceneer's ideas,i would not have blocked it.

2.It is not possible! :P

Dear Editor:

Why cant we all comment without someone editing? Its comments, their open for everyone, and I would love to contribute if i could without a editor for my opinion.



Dear Empolean,

I am sorry about the editing.i somtimes get agitated and do stuff i dont mean. I tried to fix it,but i could not find the picture.Also,you can edit your own comments even if you are not a rollback.

Build your dream property contest!

This month's contest is to build your dream property out of your own lego collection or LDD.The winner wil be featured on the front page and have LiveEditor(chatmod) status for a month! For mor info,click here.

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