I have a brainwave and thought about instead of rockets why don't we use trains.
SAM 0484

side version

Also if we want to we can have a train system not only between the worlds but within the world.

any way i have posted a photo of a train i made with my own design that we could use.

please can i have any thoughts on this idea?
SAM 0481

front angle

and feel free to edit any spelling mistakes or grammar.


Hi lordlegovader.

This reminds me of the mono-rail train from the Youreeka world (Pre-Alpha name for Nimbus Station). So I uploaded a couple of videos of it here.

Goggles99 06:52, April 23, 2012 (UTC)

Happy LEGO movie

Happy LEGO movie

Look at 0:04

Zorillo Plaza Monorail Animation

Zorillo Plaza Monorail Animation

love the videos googles

i never played pre aplha looked quite cool


Hello everyone

i have made a space train carirage without out the wheels the door does look a bit weird but when i upload my station it would make perfect sense


front veiw


Hello people i have now worked out a couple ways to make sure the space train makes sense

1st way - we have big bridges between worlds so the train can run on them.

2- to fit in with the floating island theme the tracks can be floating in space

3- we have tunnels linking all the worlds together

4. we have all the worlds joined on one planet and having a bridge to the floating island and having the worlds as states or countys and having them so for apart that people can walk to them but taking a long time and then people can use the train system.

please give me feedback

2012-04-29 12.41.37

I have made some changes to my train it now looks like this

2012-04-29 12.50.16

Ok fair enough I do like the idea of the portals


Hi everyone

i have completed my train carriage and nearly finished my engine(just needs a change of colour)


ok i have now completed my first train egine in ldd

and googles i have looked on someones talk page i think it was brickneer about that train i could possibily create that lordlegovader

Ok i supose a slingshot is a more oringal idea than i actallly like it very much i vote for that one

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