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I had an idea for a "Wild West" world, with Cowboys and Indians and horses, and all that cliche sort of stuff.

Oh, and I WILL be adding more stuff here! So please dont delete this page! :P

Nando248's ideas:

  1. Cactus-shaped building- most like AG one
  2. Indians- They should be Cowboys friend since Maelstrom is there
  3. Mine- A maelstrom infected mine will be cool

That's all i got

Brickenneer's ideas:

I removed them for editing. Still editing them, but I did have an NPC I wanted to add. Since no one will here will have listened to the radio show it's referencing, no one will probably put it ingame, but it can't hurt to list it.


Britney Ponsett: No idea on role, just a name. (Obscure reference to a character played by James Stewart in a radio show.)

TheTurkeyBoy's ideas:

Just some NPCs that are not named yet. Feel free to add more!